116: Is podcasting too difficult?

There are a lot of podcasts in the Apple Podcasts directory and by default, many other directories. But out of more than 500K podcasts, less than 25% of those will publish a new episode this year. So what’s wrong? Is podcasting too difficult to maintain? Is it too easy to start?

Join Ray, Dave, Daniel, and Andre Lewis to discuss recent stories in the podcasting industry and how they relate to you, a podcast producer.

Articles discussed:

Ray Ortega

Title: How Many of the 540,000 Podcasts Have “Podfaded?”

Main Takeaway: The space seems full but those creating consistent podcasts are much less. There are far from from too many podcasts. But why? What do so many podfade?

URL: https://rainnews.com/steve-goldstein-how-many-podcasts-have-podfaded/


Title: 5 reasons someone isn’t listening to podcasts

Main Takeaway: How can we help podcasters make sure they aren’t preventing listens

URL: https://medium.com/cabana/5-reasons-someone-isnt-listening-to-podcasts-641c669b5cdf



Dave Jackson

Title: PodSquad

Main Takeaway: What would it take for you to leave your current app?

URL: https://podsquad.app/



Title: Chartable wants your login and password to grab your stats

Main Takeaway: WTF?

URL: https://podnews.net/update/chartable-chart

We use credentials to programmatically authenticate and pull in data. We store credentials securely via three layers of encryption. This is similar to how services like mint.com store and use bank account credentials.

We’ve also signed NDAs with folks and I’m happy to send you one as well”


Daniel J. Lewis

Title: Apple’s new “Podcast Marketing Best Practices” page

Main Takeaway: Apple is now giving (good) podcasting advice, not only technical rules

URL: https://podcaster.apple.com/

Andre Lewis

Title: Creating and Using Podcasts Across the Disciplines

Main Takeaway: There are an increasing amount of Colleges and Universities that are now utilizing and integrating podcasts into classroom learning

URL: https://tomprof.stanford.edu/posting/1026


Title: The 13 Critical Podcast Statistics of 2018

Main Takeaway: Identifying how podcasting is growing at a fast rate.



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