Who Owns Your Podcast? Are You Sure it’s Yours?

Join Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, Danielle Desir, Derek Graziano, and Aseloka Smith to to discuss podcast ownership and recent podcast news.

Stories discussed on this Round

Title: Michelle Obama is hosting a new podcast exclusively on Spotify, titled ‘The Michelle Obama Podcast’

Main Takeaway: Spotify is strategically pushing to sign exclusive-podcasts with celebrities with large audiences like the Joe Rogan Experience. 
URL:  https://www.businessinsider.com/michelle-obama-hosting-new-podcast-2020-7

Title: Actress Demi Moore is Now a Podcaster

Main Takeaway: Demi Moore is starring in and producing an audio drama called Dirty Diana. It’s actually refreshing to see a Hollywood actor stepping into the podcast space with something other than talking head or interview based content. I think that, while typically the celebrity creating a podcast being a large draw for companies as of late, I think that this approach could be onto something. I know that, for myself, if I could listen to someone like Morgan Freeman in an audio medium, I’d definitely check it out.

URL: https://podcastbusinessjournal.com/actress-demi-moore-is-now-a-podcaster/

Title: A Guide to Thinking Through IP from an IP Attorney

Main Takeaway: Taking steps to strengthen your brand and formalize your existence as a show is important for IP. Filing for a trademark and copyrighting episodes of your show are essential to establishing that framework. Particularly when more than one person works on the show, it’s important to establish who owns what in written form up front. Creators are becoming more savvy about this sort of thing. Are there alternatives to the Big Bad Network model that are sustainable?

URL: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/guide-thinking-through-ip-from-attorney-jeff-umbro/?trackingId=%2B8Gyr0E%2BSImC%2BL1MIDBJfw%3D%3D

Title: Leo Laporte on the Future of Podcasting (edited for clarity and length)

Main Takeaway: Spotify wants to take over everything! “It only makes sense if you understand Spotify’s long-term strategy: to move podcasting away from RSS feeds, which are hard to monetize, to something that exists only on the Spotify platform, which is easy to monetize. If every podcast has to be listened to on Spotify, then Spotify knows exactly who’s listening, and how much they’ve listened. They know the demographics; they have your credit card number; they know everything about you. And then they can go to advertisers and say — like Facebook and Google do today — what would you like? We can slice it and dice it. Advertisers want that; they desperately want that.”

URL: https://inside.com/campaigns/inside-podcasting-23780/sections/leo-laporte-199995

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