The primary mission of the Roundtable is to have opinionated conversations about the issues that podcasters encounter on a daily basis.

Created and hosted by Ray Ortega of The Podcasters’ Studio, joined by Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast and Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting, Podcasters’ Roundtable features podcasters from all genres, backgrounds and experience levels.

There are plenty of resources for how-to podcast (each host listed above has one of their own) and while at times those tips will inevitably find their way into these discussions, the goal is not instructional based conversations. We’re not here to tell you which microphone to buy or how to create an RSS feed (but it’s not off limits). I want you to leave each Roundtable feeling like you heard something you can use to improve your own podcast.

Podcasters’ Roundtable is your chance to be heard. The hope is to provide a platform where any podcaster has a chance to voice their opinions and share their experiences with the podcasting community. This can be done via the chat room during every live broadcast or by appearing as a guest of the Roundtable.

The format is loose, interactive, open, and opinionated. In fact, (strongly held) opinions are highly encouraged on the Roundtable. It’s up to you to draw your own conclusions about the best direction for yourself and your podcast(s).

Podcasters’ Roundtable is streamed live once every two weeks, often on different days & times to accommodate a global audience. Rounds are archived on this site as well as YouTube for anyone to view and share.

If you’re interested in appearing on a Round, check out the “Be A Guest” page for more info about becoming a future Roundtabler.

I hope you find the discussions entertaining, informative and valuable to your podcasting journey!

– Ray