Are Podcasts More Popular Than Blogs?

Have podcasts become more popular than blogs? What happens when you ‘boost’ a podcast post on facebook to promote your show and what’s still wrong with the Google Podcasts App? This and more!

Join Ray, DaveDanielPaul Colligan and Jonathan Bloom to talk about recent podcasting news.


  • Ray OrtegaTitle: The Daily starts being marketed, and the BBC wants a UK podcast chartURL:

    Title: Donating to podcasts via an Amazon Alexa smart speaker


    Dave Jackson

    Title: Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research Spring 2018 (pdf)

    Main Takeaway: 27% of people have three or more smart speakers listening to am/fm is #4 on the list of where do you listen to audio. People are calling podcast directing more


    Title:What is Podchaser?

    Main Takeaway: I don’t get it?


    Daniel J. Lewis

    Title: Podcasts More Popular than Blogs

    Main Takeaway: I think “popularity” and “interest”/“usage”  are very different things


    Interesting cross-reference from 2 years ago:

    Title: [Opinion] Castbox has not fixed the problem they created, and more Google Podcasts issues

    Main Takeaway: Several podcasts still exist in Google Podcasts with a Castbox feed, instead of redirecting the feeds, they are simply broken. Also, I’ve discovered unintentional duplicates and omissions based on some podcaster oversights or Google’s method

    Related Question posted in comments: Andy from Hi Guys – I’ve submitted my Free podcast to Google and it’s there and working fine but Google is also displaying my premium feed which I want to stop. Do you have any idea how to go about this?

    URL: [none]

    Paul Colligan

    Title: I boosted a Facebook post to promote my podcast. Here are my results!



    Title: Podcasts More Popular than Blogs

    Main Takeaway:


    Jonathan Bloom

    Title: TalkShoe is Relaunching

    Main Takeaway: The featureset sounds amazing: doing mixing, call-ins, even streaming straight to YouTube Live from their site. All things I wish I could offset, as I have to use two computers for one of my shows to achieve this. The catch: FREE, I see NOWHERE where it is mentioned how to pay. As a creator, I have had my share of my own content go away from free hosts. Some of my early stuff was on’s free plans. I don’t want to see content people create gone and missing forever.



    Title: From Podnews: Radiotopia launch Everything is alive today, interviewing inanimate objects about their daily life.

    Main Takeaway: This shows the beauty of podcasting. I actually felt an emotional connection to the can of cola, Louis. This is a fictionalized podcast, but it shows how you can connect with a podcaster/guest. This helps with serious topics as well. I’ve had my perspective shifted because I heard someone describe why they believe something.


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