Are We All Music Podcasters Now?

Have you heard you can use any music you want in your ‘podcast’ now!? Let’s talk about the catch.

Join Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, Jordan Blair, and Bob Bender to music podcasts, getting your show in shape and other stories in podcasting.

Stories discussed on this Round

Title: Buzzsprout Adds “Locked” Tag Feature, Encourages Other Hosting Platforms to do the Same

Main Takeaway: <podcast:locked> should be added to the RSS feed on all hosting platforms to prevent podcast pirates from making ad revenue from dynamically inserted ads. (Transistor has also announced support of podcast locking.)


Title: Use This Downtime To Get Your Music Business Affairs In Order

Main Takeaway: Taking this opportunity of downtime to catch up on the business details of your show, along with fine tuning your craft, It’s a brand new and different world out there, and we’re all in unchartered waters, so there’s no better time to up your game as someone who’s entertaining others. 


Title: Spotify Launches New Audio Experience Combining Music and Talk Content

Main Takeaway: Spotify’s new allowable podcast format seems to benefit podcasters whose topic covers music, but it all comes with quite a catch. 


Title:  The Virtual Music Conference May Become the New Norm

Main Takeaway: Get used to the idea, that the virtual world may be what we’re possibly doing for the next 6 to 12 months. The live gathering is going to be slow in coming back. Such events as SXSW, NAMM Show, CRS, and other industry events are all planning on either postponing (or not continuing) their events, or taking it to an entirely virtual world. There’s a lot of solutions out there, its finding the one that’s going to work best for what you do, and attracting your audience (and keeping them).


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