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Did You Forget to Categorize Your Podcast?

If you only chose one category for your podcast when you submitted to Apple Podcasts (you DID submit to Apple Podcasts, right!?) you might be missing out on opportunities¬†to be found. Roundtablers: Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, J.J. Merrick, and James Cridland. Stories Discussed: Headliner now has auto-posting to YoutubeiHeart Reports $64 Million in Podcast RevenueThe…

Ads for Everyone!

Podcasts, no longer a word you have to explain to anyone. So, with everyone knowing what a podcasts is, are the advertisers flooding into the space to reach people who might not be listening to their messages elsewhere? Is it easier for you to get an advertiser for your podcast in 2021? How do you…

Should Your Plumber Have a Podcast?

You’ve heard that everyone has a podcast. Does that mean your plumber, local accountant, independent coffee shop, etc., should too? If you’re a local business looking to get customers through your door, is a podcast a good use of your time? Join Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, Marco Perazzo, and Sheldon Eakins to discuss local podcasting….

Spending Money on Your Podcast

How much money have you spent on your podcast? Are you done? Are there more things you could improve by spending more money (gear, services, advertising…)? Join Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, Evo Terra, and Mike Carruthers to discuss investing in your podcast. Links Mentioned: Optimize your titles How people find your podcast in apps –…

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