Getting Listeners to Engage

We always want to know how to get more listeners but perhaps an even harder task is to get those who are already listening to send you feedback or interact with your podcast in any way. How do podcasters have more conversations with their listeners, how do they know who is listening?

Join Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, Scott OrrSteph Paige, and Kennedy to discuss getting more engagement with your listeners. 

Stories discussed on this Round

Title: 38 percent of Americans listen to podcasts to improve their mood

Main Takeaway: The value in podcasts is not just educational, what other benefits can we build in to the way we run our shows? Such as escaping their real world problems and improving their mood. What other types ‘f value’ can we give listeners? How about a sense of belonging and hope?


Title: GoodPods 

Main Takeaway: I started using this app to listen to podcasts on and am loving how they are bringing a social media element to podcasting and fixing the discoverability problem in a community focused way.


Title: Top Ways to Improve Audience Engagement

Main Takeaway: Keyword in the title is Engagement. Podcasts are similar to any other form of social media, be it twitter, instagram, etc., in the way that if you are simply talking at people, interest will dwindle. But unlike other forms of social media, it can be easy to forget this, because of the nature of the platform of the podcast host/listener relationship. Engagement must be regular and continuous, both in ways throughout the podcast itself and on the platforms by which you promote the podcast. 


Title:  Charging Your Guest an “Appearance Fee” on Your Podcast

Main Takeaway: Don’t do it! Guest appearances should be mutually beneficial for both the host and the guest, and when you are charging guests, it is more likely than not that the quality of the content is being sacrificed in a number of ways. 


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