How to Appear on a Future Roundtable!

With Podcasters’ Roundtable I’m looking to have conversations about topics in podcasting that provoke differing opinions from both the audience (in the live chat) and those on the Roundtable (a.k.a Roundtablers).  This doesn’t have to be the case for each Round but it is an overall goal of the show; teaching through opinionated discussion.

What I ask of each potential Roundtabler is to think of something that fits this criteria as well as their experience and submit those ideas to me (see the box below) so I have a better idea which Round you’ll fit into best. Roundtablers are chosen based on experience with a given topic.

Please come up with one or two ideas and ask yourself if your topic(s) will provoke others to speak up, disagree and/or offer a differing perspective. It should be less about teaching the how-to’s and more about sparking a discussion or expressing an opinion.

I look forward to hearing any ideas you might have and if you don’t have any, simply list the areas which you think you have the most experience and you’ll be added to the list of interested Roundtablers and chosen to appear on the Roundtable when a topic crosses with your experience. I can’t guarantee just because you have experience in one topic that you’ll be included on any given Round but this provides a great reference and resource for me to pull from when I’m putting together a Roundtable.

Once again, Roundtablers are chosen based on topic, feedback, and availability. Everyone remains on the list until they have appeared on a Roundtable and many Roundtablers get the chance to return.

Thanks for being interested in becoming a future Roundtabler! I hope to see everyone from this community on the Roundtable at one point or another.

– Ray

Once you subscribe to the Podcasters’ Roundtable email list, you will be taken to the page for submitting your ideas for a future Roundtable.