How To Dominate Podcasting!

If you created 500, three episode, podcasts, would you be the number one podcaster? This seems to be Spotify’s approach with Anchor but does it work? Is it valuable? Are they really ‘dominating’ podcasting? 

Join Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, Angela Connor, and Zack Jackson to music podcasts, getting your show in shape and other stories in podcasting.

Stories discussed on this Round

Title: Spotify says it’s dominating the podcasting market because of a million-plus tiny podcasts

Main Takeaway: I’m skeptical.


Title: Text to Podcast Company Launches 

Main Takeaway: Does a service like this make podcasting a turn-key commodity? I wonder if by selecting a narrator and having content read and turned into podcasts if there is a real connection with listeners. Is this just a way to make podcasting the new “content marketing?”  This may be okay for brands I suppose. I just think a connection with hosts being “real people” can really make a difference. Their website mentions turning ebooks into podcasts, for instance. This is not to pick on the company or the idea – I’m just talking about authenticity with podcasts. Not content being read by a nameless male or female voice.  The call-to-action on their website is “Create podcasts from any content.” Really? Is that what podcasts should become? 


Title: Apple Podcasts Names NPR’s Code Switch as It’s First Ever “Show of the Year”

Main Takeaway: A podcast that focuses on one of the toughest topics for people to discuss, RACE, is named Podcast of the Year, which I think is phenomenal. I also started a podcast this year on a tough topic such as this – racial equality in the workplace – so this is something I’m excited to see happen. Also, the idea of “Show of the Year.” It’s the first but will it become Emmy and Grammy-like? What’s the criteria? Who decided? Was there a submission period? I didn’ t know this was happening and just think it’s worth discussing.  BTW, Code Switch is a really good podcast.  


Title:  Why Carmakers Are Getting Into Podcasts and Audio Marketing

Main Takeaway: We’ve talked a lot about advertising in podcasting, and it’s usually driven by companies inserting their ads into podcasts and paying the content creators based on the number of impressions. That sort of advertising has been around since the days of the newspaper (maybe earlier), but Hyundai and Ford are bypassing podcasters all together and making their own podcasts that are thinly veiled ads instead. Hyundai created a podcast where they interview musicians and take a “virtual audio tour” of their home city. They’re integrating all kinds of musical playlists on Spotify and visual elements on their website too. More interestingly though is Ford. They’re bringing back the Bronco and are advertising it through an 8-part “investigative” series called “Bring Back Bronco: The Untold Story”. If this sort of thing works, will companies start hiring podcast producers instead of paying for ads on established podcasts? Should we start pitching corporate podcast ideas and get some of that sweet sweet cash? 


Title:  Bill Gates teaming with actor and activist Rashida Jones for new podcast, ‘Ask Big Questions’

Main Takeaway: Can we just talk about how random this podcast is? From the article, “A mutual friend suggested the two might have a lot to talk about and the podcast idea was born.” I just started listening to the first episode, but I love Rashida Jones and I’m sure it’s fabulous. I love the idea of interesting people getting together and just creating something like this that is meant to be a limited run. With the pandemic, this seems easier than ever. Who else could we introduce? Kanye and the Pope? Jeff Bezos and the Dalai Lama? Who is your dream team? 


Title:  I analyzed 20 million Apple Podcasts star ratings. Here’s what I learned

Main Takeaway: If you have more than four ratings you are better than 50% of the podcast. The average rating is 4.6


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