Netflix won’t be the Netflix of Podcasting

Netflix is going to make movies available as an audio only experience. Will this pull people away from podcasts?

Join Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, Elikqitie, and Lee Uehara to discuss some of the final podcasting stories of 2020.

Stories discussed on this Round

Title: Podcast predictions with Rob Greenlee

Main Takeaway: gender diversity in podcasting and the no gatekeeper approach to indie podcasting


Title: ‘New York Times’ Retracts Core Of Hit Podcast Series ‘Caliphate’ On ISIS

Main Takeaway: NY Times messes up on the reporting, does not “really” take down podcast


Title: Podcasting in the time of COVID-19

Main Takeaway: Podcasters and content creators are finding ways to stay creative at home. Although COVID-19 has presented artists with multiple challenges, they continue to keep their art alive. 


Title:  Netflix’s audio-only mode could threaten podcasting

Main Takeaway: they’re called motion pictures for a reason. “The app also has variable-speed playback, and a feature called audio-description, which, on selected shows, tells you what’s happening on screen. The company will hope you don’t listen to a podcast, when you can listen to a movie or TV show instead.” So the Netflix of podcasting is…Netflix but without podcasts? I don’t think so. 


Title:  How Podcasts Are Becoming A Hollywood Gold Mine

Main Takeaway: fits with previous story but podcasts are being turned into shows/movies not the other way around because audio is not video and vice versa…the same reason people, generally don’t listen to podcasts on YouTube


Title:  How to use Substack for podcasts

Main Takeaway: Be sure to ask about redirects, stats, and niche podcast things. When non podcasting companies (Squarespace, Soundcloud, Wistia,) get into their podcast their support team may not have a clue about the mechanics of podcasting.


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