Podcast Myths

Apple Podcasts ratings and reviews move your podcast up the ‘charts!’ You use copyrighted music as long as it’s only a few seconds! You must never miss an episode or you’ll lose your audience!

Some of these you’ve heard, some of these you think are correct but what’s the truth? Join this Round to bust or confirm some of the most common podcasting myths.

Join Ray, Dave, Paul Colligan, and Evo Terra to shed some light on some of the more common misconceptions about producing a podcast.

Myths, timestamped. Jump to each myth or get a direct link to each myth and share that portion of the video by clicking that myth’s link in the video description at https://youtu.be/TnAaD4EkcDk

2:15 Apple Podcasts Ratings and Reviews Move Your Podcast Up the Charts

8:00 You Can Use Copyrighted Music if it’s Only a Few Seconds

13:51 Podcast Media Hosting is the Same

20:00 Consistency is the Key to Success

25:43 There’s an Ideal Length for a Podcast

31:15 Podcasting has a Discovery Problem 

41:30 You Need 10 of Thousands of Downloads Per Episode to Get Advertising 

47:27 You Need to Launch with Multiple Episodes to Get the Most Impact

56:32 If You Build it, They Will Come

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