PR023 – Are Conferences Worth It?

Recorded live on the show floor at New Media Expo 2014 (NMX), Ray, Daniel and Dave ask, Are Conferences Worth It? This is an audio only Round. See the player below.

Attending a conference is rarely a cheap endeavor. You spend money on travel, lodging, food and of course tickets. Even if the conference is free and local, you invest time and energy. So, is it worth it? What do you get in return for your investment?PR at NMX14

On this Round, Ray Ortega, Daniel J. Lewis, David Jackson and a whole host of new Roundtablers, chosen from the audience (see below), discuss the value of attending a conference with special focus on the 2014 NMX show in Las Vegas.

Special thanks to everyone who showed up to watch us record this Round, to Nick Seuberling for doing an awesome job managing the guest microphone and Megan Enloe from NMX for helping to make this happen. I’ve been told that NMX loved the Round and is excited to have us back on the live “stage” again next year. We hope to see you there!

Returning Roundtablers making an appearance on this Round include: Nick Seuberling, Ibarionex Perello, Ben Adam-SmithCorey Fineran

New Roundtablers featured on this Round: Jeremy Chandanais (aka JC), Larissa Galenes, Vickie Velazquez, Shannon Hernandez, George HrabCraig Gilley, Amy Bowser-RollinsRob Cesternino, Tawny Fineran, and Charles McFall.