PR028 – Breaking the Mold

Is podcasting really any different than old media? Are we, as podcasters, simply falling into the mold created by media producers before us?

Podcasting may be one of the few remaining truly free mediums. There are no rules, no gatekeepers, no censors, nothing telling you what you can and can’t do with your show. So why does your podcast sound like all the rest or worse, like radio?;)

This is a fun Roundtable in the spirit of the Roundtable’s origins, podcasters sitting around on a group call discussing whatever comes to mind. We jump off from this topic of “breaking the mold” as it refers to content production styles and see where it goes.

This Round features: +Ray Ortega+Daniel J. Lewis+Paul Blais+Corey Fineran, and +Gary Fawcett.

Podcasters' Roundtable

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