PR089: Podcasts To Go!

We’re finally having the all ladies edition of Podcasters’ Roundtable! Elsie Escobar will be taking over the hosting seat and she’ll be joined by a fantastic line-up of her podcasting peers. 

More and more podcasts are taking their show on the road, from conferences to on site celebrity interviews, bar crawls and sporting events. What are the types of equipment you need to make your onsite episodes shine? What kind of prep work is necessary before taking the show on the road? How do you land those celebrity interviews for upcoming conferences in your niche?

The discussion on this week’s Podcasters’ Roundtable will be surprising as it’s coming from a completely different POV that hasn’t been voiced in this exact way, ever.

Join Elsie Escobar, Krystal O’Connor, Amanda Doughty, Karly Nimmo, and Barbara Edelman for an all women Podcasters’ Roundtable as they discuss everything from workflow to equipment, challenges and more.

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Thanks and I can’t wait to see you at the Roundtable!

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