So Many New Podcasts! But At What Cost?

New podcasts are entering the space at a blinding pace. There were over 300,000 new podcasts added to Apple Podcasts in just the last three months. Are most of these podcasts making it past episode 7? Is there just a bunch of podfaded shows filling up the directories? 

Join Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, Lee Uehara, and Kimchi Chow to discuss the impact of so many new podcasts. 

Stories discussed on this Round

Title: To compete with YouTube, Spotify now offers videos for podcasts

Main Takeaway: Video is the most powerful tool of engagement, and Spotify is looking to offer videos of podcasts to retain their listeners


Title: The Winners Of The NPR Student Podcast Challenge

Main Takeaway: Middle school students and high school students won a podcasting contest; podcasting is open to everyone. [Lee’s take: as a parent and a parent of a kid sports podcaster, want to highlight it’s not only adults out here!]URL:

Title: Are Anchor podcasts different?

Main Takeaway: 20% or less of Anchors shows have 10 or less episodes. 15% of Anchor shows have more than ten episodes, of that 15%, 25% of those podcaster podfade.URL:

Title:  The Voice of Choice

Main Takeaway: The way to empower women and anyone else is to give them the choice to decide.URL:

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