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Are Podcasts More Popular Than Blogs?

 Have podcasts become more popular than blogs? What happens when you ‘boost’ a podcast post on facebook to promote your show and what’s still wrong with the Google Podcasts App? This and more! Join Ray, Dave, Daniel, Paul Colligan and Jonathan Bloom to talk about recent podcasting news. Links: Ray OrtegaTitle: The Daily starts being marketed,…

How to Grow Your Podcast Audience from 100’s to 1,000s

How to Grow Your Audience from Hundreds to Thousands: based on our original panel of the same name given at New Media Expo ’14 with Daniel J. Lewis, David Jackson and Ray Ortega. Daniel – @TheRamenNoodle Dave    – @LearnToPodcast Ray      – @PodcastHelper Description: Most podcasts struggle to grow past a hundred downloads, and the…

PR018 – When Not to Start a Podcast

When is choosing to start a podcast the wrong decision? Have you heard that you need a podcast or that podcasting is the hottest thing going and you want to start your own? Have you asked yourself if a podcast is really the best way to spend your limited free time? Listen to +Daniel J….