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How do you find more listeners in 2019?

Many podcasters will complain that ‘the system’ as it exists doesn’t do enough to help grow their show. That they can’t gain enough of an audience because they are locked out of the top charts or not part of a big network, but is that true? Is there more you could be doing for yourself…

Podcast Stats, Charts & Other Confusing Info

 Where do you get your podcast stats? Do you even look? How often? How much do they matter? And is your show ranked in Apple Podcasts? What does that even mean? Join Ray, Daniel, Paul Colligan, and Anthony Lemos to discuss stats, supposed podcast charts and cheating your way to the top.  You can subscribe to…

116: Is podcasting too difficult?

 There are a lot of podcasts in the Apple Podcasts directory and by default, many other directories. But out of more than 500K podcasts, less than 25% of those will publish a new episode this year. So what’s wrong? Is podcasting too difficult to maintain? Is it too easy to start? Join Ray, Dave,…

115: Are There Too Many Podcasts?

 Depending on where you read the stats, the number of podcasts ranges from ~250K all the way to 2 million! Um, that last one is not correct;) Are we oversaturated with podcasts? Do you feel like there are too many options? Is there room for another podcast about podcasting (insert any niche you prefer)….

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