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PR068: Show Prep

How much preparation do you do before an episode? Some podcasters write out their entire show, some create an outline and some do no prep at all. What works for you and how do you decide how much work you do before you turn on the mic.? Join Ray Ortega, +Daniel J. Lewis +Dave Jackson, Jay Soderberg,…

PR052: Co-hosts

Do you podcast alone or with others? Having a co-host can be extremely helpful when it comes to creating compelling, dynamic content that is interesting to listen to. Co-hosts can also help relieve some of the workload that comes with producing a podcast. But of course having co-hosts can create its own issues as well….

PR050: Rebranding Your Podcast

Have you ever changed the name of your podcast? Maybe you’ve changed the name, content, twitter handle and any other established elements that make up a single show? Or perhaps the shift has been more subtle like a change in your artwork, colors, website, etc. The question is when do you know it’s time for…

PR042: Interviews

Do you conduct interviews on your podcast? Do you want to? Do you want to get interviewed? Interviews and getting interviewed are two great additions to most podcasts. They are a fantastic way to grow your show, easily getting you in front of someone else’s audience and they can be amazing content for your listeners…

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