108: Should You Ask for Ratings and Reviews?

We’re trying a new format on the Roundtable today. Each Roundtabler is choosing a couple podcasting news items and we’ll discuss. I think you’ll find the format very informative. I’m already enjoying the format just reading all the chosen articles! Should be fun, come join us live if you can and join the discussion in the chat!

One of the stories I’ve chosen is about asking for ratings and reviews. “Do podcasters really need to beg for ratings and reviews?” What do ratings and reviews really do for your podcast? In short, in Apple Podcasts, probably not much…at least for the algorithm but they might go a long way to get more people to sample your podcast.

Join Ray, Dave, Chris Enns, Paul Colligan, and Emily Peck Prokop to discuss calls to action, Pandora, Canadian podcast stats and more.

Articles discussed:

Paul Colligan

Chris Enns

Dave Jackson

Just got the recording from my recent MSNBC feature…lots of fun chatting about Podcasting! Enjoy 🙂

Posted by John Lee Dumas on Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ray Ortega

Emily Peck Prokop

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