PR065.5: Changes to iTunes Podcasts – Podcast Service Announcement

Apple is changing the way you submit a podcast to iTunes as well as the access that you get to that podcast once it’s accepted it the iTunes store.

Find out what’s new and how to avoid breaking your podcast by using the added functionality wrong.

Join Ray Ortega+Daniel J. Lewis and +Todd Cochrane  to discuss Podcasts Connect, a new podcast dashboard for iTunes.

Some of the new controls include:

  • Refresh feed: updates iTunes with the newest information in your RSS feed. Use only when necessary. Abuse will probably lead to this feature being taken away.
  • Hide Podcast: You can hide your podcast from being seen in the iTunes store.
  • Delete Podcast: permanently remove your podcast from iTunes.
  • Mirror URL: “A permanent link to your RSS Feed URL. Users subscribed to your podcast using the Mirror URL are redirected to your RSS Feed URL in Podcasts app and iTunes. This allows you to change your RSS Feed URL without losing users subscribed to your Mirror URL BUT for listeners subscribed directly to your feed URL, use a new-feed-URL tag or a server redirect.”
  • Change URL: This can be used to change your RSS feed address HOWEVER, for listeners subscribed directly to your feed URL, you will still need to use a new-feed-URL tag or a server redirect. In other words, do not make changes to this section unless you know what you are doing. This could lead to you losing your subscribers!

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