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PR004 – What’s Going on with FeedBurner?

Over the last year several changes have been made to Feedburner including twitter feed shut downs, deprecation of API’s, the loss of the .jp domain and a failure of the statistics system. All of this led to a perfect storm of fear that the core service was also shutting down. On this Round we discuss…

PR003 – The Future of Podcasting

Rob Greenlee, Steven Lee, Daniel J. Lewis and Ray Ortega discuss where podcasting has been, is now and where it’s headed in the future. FacebookTwitterLinkedinEmail

PR002 – Processing Your Podcast’s Audio

A live discussion about processing your podcast’s audio with hardware and/or software. We discuss if this is a necessary step or just something audiophiles enjoy. Roundtable guests for round two: David Jackson, Mike Phillips, Adam Tinkoff and Mike Russell. FacebookTwitterLinkedinEmail