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PR051: Challenging the Status Quo

These days, podcasting has many best practices. But podcasting is an open medium, not governed by any single person or entity. So, while following best practices can be helpful, do you ever take advantage of podcasting’s openness and challenge the status quo? What does the status quo, as far as podcasting is concerned, look like?…

PR024 – Should Your Podcast Have Its Own App?

Your podcast is available in iTunes, Stitcher, etc. but what about its own app? Do you need one? What are the benefits and what are the costs to having a standalone app for your podcast? Watch +Ray Ortega, +David Jackson +Daniel J. Lewis  +Rob Walch, +Chase Nunes  and +Kevin Scullion discuss standalone podcast apps. Circle…

PR018 – When Not to Start a Podcast

When is choosing to start a podcast the wrong decision? Have you heard that you need a podcast or that podcasting is the hottest thing going and you want to start your own? Have you asked yourself if a podcast is really the best way to spend your limited free time? Listen to +Daniel J….

PR012 – What Do You Call Your Podcast?

  The term podcast has a specific meaning and if you have a show (audio or video) that you post to an RSS feed, congrats you have a podcast. But what do you call it? If not a podcast then what? A show, internet broadcast, netcast, or something else. And more importantly, why? Does the…

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