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PR016 – Podcasting is “Back?”

Is podcasting making a comeback? Did it ever really falter? The raw numbers tell us podcast viewers have grown every year since it’s inception in 2004 so why are we increasly hearing that podcasting is back? What’s the difference between now and last year or two years ago? Find out what the Roundtable thinks is…

PR003 – The Future of Podcasting

Rob Greenlee, Steven Lee, Daniel J. Lewis and Ray Ortega discuss where podcasting has been, is now and where it’s headed in the future. FacebookTwitterLinkedinEmail

PR001 – Control and Ownership of Your Podcast

How much of your podcast do you own? Join Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, Daniel J. Lewis and Mike Dell to discuss taking¬†as much control over your show as possible whether you’re using WordPress, Libsyn, Feedburner, or any one of the many third party options for building and hosting your podcast. FacebookTwitterLinkedinEmail