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PR062: RSS Feeds

  RSS feeds are the core of podcasting, without one you don’t have a podcast. On this Round we’ll be chatting about all things RSS as it pertains to a podcast. Join+Ray Ortega +Daniel J. Lewis +David Jackson +Stargate Pioneer +Krystal O’Connor and +Shawn Thorpe to find out how podcasters are creating their RSS feeds and what…

PR043: Podcast Jargon

  Podfading, normalization, Byte Range Requests… if you’ve been podcasting long enough it’s likely you are familiar with one or more of these terms. Podcasting has it’s own language and depending on your experience level you are more or less schooled in all its jargon. Jargon is defined as, “special words or expressions that are…

PR035: iTunes

This Round is all about iTunes. Whatever questions, ideas, tips that stirred up, that’s what we discussed. Literally any and everything to do with iTunes as it relates to podcasting. Watch me (+Ray Ortega), +Daniel J. Lewis +David Jackson +Angelo Mandato +Krystal O’Connor +Rich Baxter +Lou Mongello and +Steve Stewart as we discuss podcasting’s relationship with iTunes. To…

PR015 – Podcast Media Hosting

If you have a podcast or want to start one you’re going to need a place to host your audio and/or video files. On this Round we’ll be asking, where do you host your podcast media and why? When choosing where to host your podcast files you have plenty of options (for audio at least)….

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