PR015 – Podcast Media Hosting

If you have a podcast or want to start one you’re going to need a place to host your audio and/or video files. On this Round we’ll be asking, where do you host your podcast media and why?

When choosing where to host your podcast files you have plenty of options (for audio at least). Those options however are not all created equal. There’s both free and paid options and each has it’s advantages (sneak peak, free’s only advantage is in it’s name;)) So how do you decide where to host your files?

Podcasters' Roundtable

Watch (Ray Ortega), +Daniel J. Lewis +David Jackson +Steve Lee and Chase Nunes talk about the sometimes confusing issue of podcast media storage.

We put together our collective experience as seasoned podcasters to discuss what has worked, what is a fair price and where we’ve failed when choosing media hosting. And of course we’ll dig into the controversial issue of storing your files on a shared server!

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Rountablers featured on this Round included +David Jackson, +Daniel J. Lewis, +Steve Lee, myself (Ray Ortega), and Chase Nunes.