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PR054: Evolution of a Podcaster’s Gear

How do you know when it’s time to get your next piece of podcast gear? Can you stay with the gear you started with or is it best to evolve your setup? Join me (Ray Ortega),+David Jackson, +Daniel J. Lewis +Alan Mead and +Bryce Cooke to talk about how a podcaster’s gear setup may or may not change…

PR026 – Live-streaming Your Podcast

Should you add live-streaming to your podcast production? Recording live won’t give you a big boost in numbers, isn’t likely to help you get discovered, and probably won’t attract a lot of participation all while adding more to your workflow. So why go live? Watch +Ray Ortega, +David Jackson +Daniel J. Lewis +Rob Cesternino +Andrew Zarian and +Mike…

PR005 – Podcasting Pet Peeves

On this Round, I talk to six podcasters (the largest Roundtable to date) about their podcasting pet peeves. Those things they see other podcasters doing that frustrate them. We also talk about things we’ve done wrong with our own podcasts and how we fixed those errors. Learn about the most common mistakes we see podcasters…

PR003 – The Future of Podcasting

Rob Greenlee, Steven Lee, Daniel J. Lewis and Ray Ortega discuss where podcasting has been, is now and where it’s headed in the future. FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

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