PR006 – Competition in Your Niche

We discuss the concept of “competition” as is applies to podcasters podcasting in the same niche.

How much do you share with podcasts in your niche? Do you cross promote their shows? Do you have them as guests on your show or even co-host shows together?

Is it possible to share audiences? Do you fear losing your audience to another show in your niche? What steps do you take to prevent this from happening? Do you think it’s even necessary to compete or can working together actually benefit you?

Are there any situations where it might actually be better to be a little competitive or even actively working against another show?

Daniel J. LewisDavid Jackson, Corey Fineran and Nick Seuberling join me to discuss these issues and share our experiences with being part of a strong collective of podcasters in the same niche as well as our experience with competition or the competitive feeling.