PR007 – Podcast Promotion Challenges

How do find balance when it comes to producing content and then having to promote it via any number of ways (social networks, blogs, forums, etc.)?

Have you ever been overwhelmed trying to keep up? Has the need to always be promoting your show in order to grow left you feeling burnt out on podcasting?

We’ll be discussing podcast promotion and how much is too much? How do you know if what you’re doing is actually working and is it really worth your time?

The discussion will be focused less on which new social platform is best for podcast promotion and instead will take a deeper look at why or why not to promote, how much and is it necessary to always jump on the next big thing (ex: Pinterest)?

Roundtablers for this session will include +Daniel J. Lewis  +Rob Walch  +Daniel Hayes  +Mike Russell, and myself (Ray Ortega).

Join us in the chat along with your fellow podcasters to share your experiences with balancing content creation with the challenges of promotion.

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